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R.I.P – Dave Clark – ‘We Are Superman’

Solo 50km in Honour Of Dave Clark

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On 21st May 2020, Dave Clark passed away unexpectedly due to complications from surgery.

As a 320-pound drug, alcohol and fast food addict, Dave showed that literally ANYTHING is possible, and through running, plant-based nutrition, sobriety, and Buddhism, become a role model and inspiration for many others.

He was something of a hero to me, and I had read about his insane exploits such as running Boston Marathon 4x in a row (in one day!!!), running 48 hours on a treadmill and more, but I unexpectedly got to hang out with him and become friends after I unexpectedly won his 100-mile Ultramarathon Race in Boulder, Colorado in 2019.

It was one of the most surreal times of my life – from reading someone’s books to hanging out in their house in America and appearing on their podcast.

Dave was the nicest guy I ever met and had such a deep rooted desire to help people with every action. I can honestly say I have never met someone with such a palpable kindness and genuine nature. His sense of humour was very similar to my own, and when I mentioned this Dave simply said ‘I’m ‘50% Plant-based Buddhist, 50% New York Asshole’ 🙂

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After winning Dave’s race in 2019

We chatted about spirituality, running, martial arts, buddhism and more, both on and off air, and then met up again at a Boulder running store for a talk by another running legend – Scott Jurek. Dave knows Scott very well (everyone knows and loves Dave!!!) and introduced me to Scott saying, ‘This is my buddy Dave from London, UK’. To say that this moment was crazy would be an understatement. Hanging out with two of my biggest inspirations in sport at the same time.

I had hoped to come back to Boulder in 2020 to race his event again and meet up but sadly that will no longer be able to happen.

In honour of Dave I decided to run a solo 50km around the rugged coast of New Zealand. Setting off early in the morning I held him in my mind until sunrise, and then listened to his first podcast appearance on Rich Roll, laughing and crying as I ran.

Dave will be sorely missed, and Boulder will never be the same without him.

R.I.P Dave – ‘We Are Superman’

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