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Plant-Based PT

As a fitness professional and athlete who has been on a plant-based (vegan) diet for over 13 years, I have experienced not only the incredible health benefits that come with doing it correctly, but also overcome many of the struggles that new adherents will often face .

Using myself as a living experiment, and embarking on lengthy periods of trial and error, self quantification, and with a wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition, I have managed to make this diet not simply work for myself and countless other clients, students, family members and more around the world – but to in fact optimise health and vitality to a level that I never thought was possible.

Since becoming plant-based I have witnessed the following effects in myself :

  • Chronic pain in my shoulders from serious open surgeries slowly fading, after nearly 10 years of pain.
  • Strength increasing to levels I could have never dreamed of.
  • Endurance going from not having the energy to run 5km, to competing and placing in the top 10 in 100km – 161km (100 mile) Ultramarathon races.
  • Body fat percentage dropping to the lowest it has ever been.
  • Regular bouts of throat soreness completely disappearing.
  • Never having to take a single day away from work due to illness, in the past 13 years.
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