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Race review: Brighton Marathon

The first Brighton Marathon was run on April 18th 2010, and the event has been held every year since. It now features a few different race distances over a 3-day period, with more than 150,000 spectators lining the streets to show their support.

Elevation: 169m total

Number of Runners: Over 12,000

Interesting fact: It is the second fastest marathon in the UK, as well as being the second largest, and the 8th largest in Europe.

Verdict: This fast, flat and fun marathon makes an excellent break away with friends or family. The entire town becomes a big party and the whole event is highly enjoyable! 

Caught in the act eating something immediately post-race!

Dave’s Tips

Make sure you sort out your transport well in advance, as taxis will be completely booked up and many of the roads close on race day, making it extremely difficult to get to the start from a number of the hotels and Airbnbs.

On the first year I ran this marathon, I waited for my taxi to the start in the early morning, only to find that it didn’t arrive due to road closures! I decided to start jogging to the start (which was a fair distance… not what you want before running 42.1km anyway!), when an extremely kind woman driving her husband to the start stopped her car and offered to give me a lift ☺

I’m personally not a fan of the marathon distance, and especially not a road marathon, but Brighton is one I have come back to 3 times (the only marathon I’ve done more than once, and probably the only one I would consider doing again) as it makes a brilliant weekend away and the perfect race in the build up to something longer, or for those who want to earn a PB!

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