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Race Review: Isle of Wight Challenge (106km)

Elevation: 1960m

Number of Participants: Over 2000

Options for Races

  • 106km Continuous
  • 106km over 2 days
  • 1st Half 52km
  • 2nd Half 54km
  • 1st Quarter 25km
  • 4th Quarter 25km

Verdict: The Isle of Wight Challenge was probably my favourite race in the Ultra Challenge series. You essentially cover the entire island in one race.

I really felt that the route was perfect, and from start to finish this race is an amazing adventure. There is a huge variety of terrain and some steep climbs, but this is one I would love to do again!

Dave’s Tips

As with any hilly ultra, make sure your legs and core are super strong!

This race is actually 106km, not 100km like the rest of the events in the Ultra Challenge series. On top of this, there’s a pretty steep climb right at the end, so make sure you don’t head off too fast. I would suggest training your speed hiking in advance and becoming efficient so you don’t lose too much speed on the climbs. As soon as you reach the top you can fly down and continue running again for decent stretches. Bringing poles is another thing which may benefit you! I didn’t, but many others did and seemed to be finding them useful for the climbs at the end of the race!

Most of all, enjoy yourself and have fun!!!

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