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Race Review: London to Brighton Challenge (100km)

Starting in 2011, the London to Brighton Challenge has become an extremely popular event in which participants can run, jog or walk distances ranging from 25km to 100km. Finishing with a lap around Brighton racecourse is certainly a very special way to end an epic race!

Elevation: 1490m

Number of Participants: Over 2,500

Options for Races

  • 100km Continuous
  • 100km over 2 days
  • 1st Half 50km
  • 2nd Half 50km
  • 1st Quarter 25km

Verdict: This was the first 100km race I ever did, and it was certainly an enjoyable one! With so many people taking part, you are sure to make friends along the route, and with incredible support and extremely well stocked aid stations, this is a highly recommended event! 

Celebrating our first 100km with a complementary glass of champagne at the finish line was a nice touch. The only downside is how expensive these Action Challenge events can be, but I would encourage first time racers to find a charity close to their heart and raise money which brings the cost down significantly, and of course – helps get much need money for the great causes out there.

Dave’s Tips

London to Brighton? That’s gotta mostly be on flat roads? 


There is actually a relatively big climb at around the 90km mark, which when you are feeling shattered (and potentially sleep-deprived for the walkers) can be quite a challenge! As this is a common choice for a first time 100km, I would suggest that if you aren’t used to the distance or the hills, you do make sure you train some incline, or try weight vest training if this is not possible for you (please click here to contact me about pre-race prehab or post race rehab!). You’ll also want to strengthen those quads, hamstrings and glutes beforehand, or there is a chance you will be suffering come the end of this one! 

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