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Race Review: London to Cambridge Challenge (100km)

Unfortunately this race is no longer being held, for reasons unknown to me. Personally I found it to be a brilliant event and was surprised when I heard that it wasn’t going to run again!

Elevation: 643m approx

Number of Participants: Not 100% sure but my guess is less than 1000

Verdict: I thoroughly enjoyed this event! Perhaps it was because of the glorious weather? The varied but not hugely challenging route? Or maybe because I ran this for my birthday… Who knows! 

Either way, I did genuinely enjoy this one and found it to be interesting and fast enough that I never really got in that ‘hole’ that us ultra runners know so well, when we feel depressed and in agony for long stretches mid-race.

Coming in to Cambridge was incredible, and running through the busy university town on a Saturday evening was interesting for sure!

I hope they bring this one back ☺ 

Dave’s Tips

Living in London made this one extremely convenient. I could wake up in my own bed, get to the start line in a comfortable time, and probably could have returned home on the same day. 

However, we decided to make a lovely weekend out of this one as it was for my birthday. Any chance to get out of London and spend some time in a less hectic part of the country is always appreciated, and Cambridge didn’t disappoint! 

I felt relaxed leading up to the race and throughout the majority of it, which in turn meant that I was comfortable with my performance and had a great day out too. 

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