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Running Rehab/Prehab

Do you find that you have nagging injuries that just won’t seem to go away, no matter how long you rest or take time away from training?

Perhaps you are able to race / compete, but after each event you know there will be the inevitable flareup of a pain or niggle, subsequent limping for weeks and a large amount of wasted time?!

Maybe you have an ultramarathon or endurance challenge booked and want to make your body BULLETPROOF and resistant to injury before it strikes?

Whatever the purpose, if it’s related to PREHAB or REHAB, I am the man to see!

With 33 Ultramarathons under my belt, and not one single DNF (did not finish), I am more than equipped to help you strengthen and fix those weak links that are getting in the way of your progress.

With qualifications in hands on treatments AND exercise rehabilitation, I am happy to work with you both IN PERSON and ONLINE.

Feel free to message me today if you have any questions or enquiries!

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